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Unlock a World of Talent

Are you an employer with a vision for growth, innovation, and collaboration? In today's interconnected world, your company has the power to shape not only its future but also the lives of exceptional individuals from around the globe. At Jobs & Visas, we're dedicated to helping you harness this potential, bringing together top international talent and opportunity.

Free 30 minute visa sponsor licence consultation. T & C's apply.

Our focus is on demystifying the process for you. We specialise in the UK sponsorship system, and we're excited to shine a light on the Skilled Worker visa and the Health and Care Work visa – pathways that open doors to remarkable talent. These visas not only enrich your workforce but also contribute to the growth of the UK's economy and society as a whole.

69,421 Skilled Worker Visas Issued 121,290 Health and Care Work visas Issued for year ending June 2023

There has been a 34% increase in the number of Skilled Worker Visas issued in the year ending June 2023.

121,290 Health and Care Work visas Issued for year ending June 2023

The number of Health and Care Work visas surged by 157% to 121,290 for the year ending June 2023


Navigating the path to becoming a visa sponsor might seem like uncharted territory, but rest assured, the process is streamlined and well-guided. Our mission at Jobs & Visas is to simplify the journey for you. With our user-friendly resources and expert assistance, you'll find that stepping into the role of a visa sponsor is a smooth and rewarding endeavor. We'll walk you through each step, from understanding the requirements to submitting applications, making sure you have the knowledge and confidence to embark on this exciting venture. Let us be your compass as you set sail towards a future enriched by global talent and enriched possibilities

Much less than you imagine

Starting your sponsorship journey might seem a bit scary and expensive at first, but in reality, it's not complicated, nor does it break the bank.  The cost of obtaining a sponsor license from UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) is surprisingly wallet-friendly, catering to the spectrum of businesses:​

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Small Business

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Large Business



A small sponsor status involves meeting two of the following criteria:


  • An annual turnover of £10.2 million or less

  • Total assets worth £5.1 million or less

  • 50 employees or fewer


UK sponsorship visa license is valid for four years, opening doors to an array of global talent that will enrich your workforce beyond measure.  

Straight-forward application process

​Applying to become a UK visa sponsor involves the following steps:

  1. Application Preparation: Gather the necessary documentation, such as financial records, organisational structure, and key personnel information. 

  2. Apply Online: Submit your sponsor license application through the UK Immigration & Visas Sponsorship Management System (SMS), paying the relevant fee based on your sponsor type.

  3. Email the Supporting Documents: You can scan or take pictures of your submission sheet and supporting documents. Send them to the email address given on the submission sheet. 

  4. Resident Labor Market Test: Complete the resident labor market test, if required, to demonstrate that there are no suitable settled workers for the job.

How can we help?

We can help you understand if becoming a visa sponsor is right for you and with all your recruitment needs.  Contact us today!

Resources to help you become a sponsor

We would love to help you become a sponsor and have a number of helpful documents available to help make becoming a visa sponsor as easy as possible:

Read our detailed UK Visa Sponsor Licence Application guide

Free 30 minute visa sponsor licence consultation. T & C's apply.

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