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You may have heard that travelling to the UK is not currently possible during the COVID-19 Pandemic. While it has certainly got more complicated, travel to the UK is permitted under strict conditions.

The UK has implemented a red, amber and green lists system for controlling entry into the UK from other countries.

If your country is on the:

  • Green list, you largely have free entry into the UK, all that is needed is to take a COVID test which is negative;

  • Amber list, you can enter the UK and if you are vaccinated, simply take a COVID test and fill out a passenger locator form. If you are not vaccinated, you will also need to quarantine at home (or place you are staying) for 10 days.

  • Red list, you can only travel to the UK if you are a British or Irish Citizen, or if you have residence rights. When you arrive in the UK you will need to quarantine in an approved hotel.

For skilled workers travelling to the UK, their skilled worker visa will qualify them for residence rights and entitle them to enter the UK. However, most people seeking and obtaining skilled worker visas will be coming from countries on the red list, and this will mean they will need to quarantine at an approved hotel.

The good news is that with the fast rate of vaccinations in the UK, the rules are starting to relax, and the quarantine requirements may be lessened or removed altogether in due course.

We recommend that you regularly check the UK Government’s rules relating to the green, amber and red lists as they are constantly being amended. We also encourage anyone looking to travel to the UK to make sure they are vaccinated as this will certainly make the process of entering the UK easier.


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