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Getting a visa to work in the UK

The visa application process to get to the United Kingdom can be seem daunting and confusing with an endless sea of information, advice and visa options to consider.

The good news is that if your job is on the shortage occupations list, all the stress, information-overload and long hours of research can be sidestepped through a simple Jobs and Visas package we offer. For further information to see if this applies to you, please read our article on the Skills Shortages in the United Kingdom. You will require a job first in order to be able to be sponsored into the United Kingdom and be granted a Skilled Worker Visa. We manage the entire process from finding you a job, the visa application and all the little extra steps along the way.

These are the steps in our process:

Information and vetting. We review your details and work experience to see how we can best assist to move to the United Kingdom.

Registration with professional organisations in the United Kingdom. In our experience, this can be time consuming and can hold up the visa process so it should be initiated as soon as possible.

Applying for police clearance certificate. This is needed for a wide variety of professions and will be needed for the visa application. We can help expedite this.

Securing employment. We engage our network of employers in the United Kingdom who are willing to sponsor and hire the right foreign candidates, to find you your dream job.

Advice on additional requirements. To make the visa application, there will be extra requirements such as English proficiency and TB screening. We will advise you on where to go and what to do.

Completing the visa application. We use experienced and proven consultants to make the application on your behalf and help you every step of the way.

Relocation advice. Once your visa is approved and you are ready to move to the United Kingdom, we can assist with any relocation advice and assistance you need such as opening bank accounts, cell phone contracts, finding accommodation and registering for NI Number.


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