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HCPC Registration Guide & Fees For 2024

HCPC registration: process & fees 2024

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) regulates various healthcare professions in the United Kingdom. For those seeking to practise within these fields, HCPC registration is a mandatory step. This article provides a step by step guide successful HCPC registration in 2024, including the professions requiring it and the associated fees.

We have seen a big increase in the HCPC processing times in 2024, with applications taking over 3 months for some of our candidates. We recommend that you obtain your HCPC before applying for any jobs on our website.

Is HCPC Registration Necessary for You?

Before diving into the application process, it’s crucial to confirm if HCPC registration applies to your chosen profession. Here’s a list of the HCPC regulated professions in 2024:



Protected Titles

Arts Therapists

Psychological therapists using drama, music, or art as primary modes of communication.

Art psychotherapist, Art therapist, Drama therapist, Music therapist

Biomedical Scientists

Analyse specimens to help doctors diagnose and treat diseases.

Biomedical scientist


Diagnose and treat disorders, diseases, and deformities of the feet.

Chiropodist, Podiatrist

Clinical Scientists

Oversee specialist tests for diagnosing and managing disease, advise on tests and data interpretation.

Clinical scientist


Create eating plans to treat medical conditions and promote good health.

Dietitian, Dietician

Hearing Aid Dispensers

Assess, fit, and provide aftercare for hearing aids in private practice.

Hearing aid dispenser

Occupational Therapists

Use specific activities to promote independence and limit disability effects in daily life.

Occupational therapist

Operating Department Practitioners

Provide care and support during anaesthetic, surgical, and recovery phases of surgery.

Operating department practitioner


Diagnose and treat visual problems involving eye movement and alignment.



Provide specialist care and treatment to acutely ill or injured patients, administer drugs, and perform surgeries.



Help people achieve their physical potential through physical approaches.

Physiotherapist, Physical therapist

Practitioner Psychologists

Study the mind and behaviour, attempting to understand mental functions in individual and social behaviour.

Practitioner psychologist, Registered psychologist, Clinical psychologist, Forensic psychologist, Counselling psychologist, Health psychologist, Educational psychologist, Occupational psychologist, Sport and exercise psychologist


Supply prostheses (devices replacing missing body parts) and orthoses (fitted to existing body parts).

Prosthetist, Orthotist


Plan and deliver treatment using radiation, produce and interpret body images to diagnose injuries and diseases.

Radiographer, Diagnostic radiographer, Therapeutic radiographer

Speech and Language Therapists

Assess, treat, and help prevent speech, language, and swallowing difficulties.

Speech and language therapist, Speech therapist

Starting your HCPC Application

For international applicants who have completed training and practised outside the UK, the HCPC offers a dedicated application route. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

1. Choosing the Right Route for Your HCPC Registration Application

Before making an application for HCPC registration, ensure you apply using the correct route and application type.

For UK-Educated Professionals

If you trained and attained a qualification in the UK, apply via the UK route.

For Former HCPC Registrants

If you have previously been on the HCPC Register, apply for readmission and meet our returning to practice requirements.

For International Professionals

If you trained and attained a qualification outside of the UK, which will apply to most of our candidates, then the process is as follows:

1. Eligibility Check

To be eligible to apply for registration via the international route:

  • You must have undergone training outside the UK and attained a qualification delivered outside the UK.

  • Your training and qualification must be relevant to one of the professions regulated by the HCPC.

  • You must not have been registered with the HCPC previously.

If you are applying from Switzerland under the Swiss Citizens' Rights Agreement or you are applying based on the UK-Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein Free Trade Agreement; or you have been granted refugee status, please refer to the specific eligibility requirements.

2. Gather The Documents For Your HCPC application

  • Proof of identity such as your passport.

  • Proof of address such as a household utility bill or bank statement

  • Proof of name change if you name differs from the name on your passport or qualifications such as your marriage certificate

  • A completed Course Information Form with proof of your qualifications such as as a university transcript.

  • Certificate of English Language proficiency. Please note that the requirements for Speech and Language therapists differ from other professions.

3. Start your HCPC application online

Apply online on the HCPC’s website and create your application, meticulously filling out each section.

4. Pay the HCPC Scrutiny Fee

The HCPC application process incurs fees. As of the 9th November 2023, the fees have been updated. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Fee Type

Old Fee

Fee from 9 Nov 2023

Approved Programme (UK) Scrutiny Fee



International Scrutiny Fee



HCPC processing times

The HCPC advises applicants to expect delays in the processing times due to a large increase in the number of international applicants. The process can take between 3 to 6 months for approval.

Additional Resources for a Smooth Journey

The HCPC website offers a wealth of resources to support your registration journey. Here are some particularly helpful sections:

Conquering HCPC Registration with Confidence

By following these steps, gathering the necessary documents, and familiarising yourself with the HCPC’s resources, you can confidently navigate the HCPC registration process in 2024. Remember, for the most up-to-date information on fees and timelines, it’s recommended to consult the official HCPC website.


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