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News: Jobs and Visas Limited NHS approved ethical recruiter

NHS Hospital

Jobs and Visas limited has been successful in expanding our portfolio to include NHS recruitment and was added to the NHS approved ethical recruiter list. The company, which specializes in providing healthcare recruitment solutions, has been recognized for its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

The NHS approved ethical recruiter list is a prestigious designation that recognizes companies that are dedicated to ensuring that healthcare workers are treated fairly and with respect. This list is an essential tool for healthcare organizations that are looking to partner with recruiters who share their values and principles.

The addition of this limited company to the NHS approved ethical recruiter list is a significant achievement, as it reflects the company's commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical and sustainable recruitment practices. The company has worked tirelessly to ensure that its recruitment processes are fair, transparent, and inclusive, and its inclusion on the list is a testament to its dedication.

Commenting on the news, the CEO of the company Gerald Heath, "We are thrilled to have been added to the NHS approved ethical recruiter list. This is a significant achievement for us, as there is currently a shortage of skilled healthcare professionals within the UK. We look forward to helping to recruit skilled international candidates from countries such as South Africa, Australia, India, Philippines, and Europe"

The CEO went on to say, "We are looking forward to working with more healthcare organizations that share our values and principles. We believe that by working together, we can help address the deficit of skilled healthcare professionals."

The news of this limited company's inclusion on the NHS approved ethical recruiter list has been welcomed by healthcare organisations across the country.


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