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The United Kingdom has experienced an unprecedented spike in job opportunities in the last few years. To give an idea of this growth - the number of job vacancies from March to May this year grew from 241,000 to 862,000. This is the highest vacancy rate increase since records began in 2001.

The United Kingdom has experienced an unprecedented spike in job opportunities in the last few years.

So, what has caused this recent spike in job vacancies?

One of the main factors is Brexit. The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020. In doing so, European Union Citizens who previously had free entry to work in the United Kingdom now require a visa to do so. This has discouraged many European Union Citizens from working in the United Kingdom.

The second contributing factor to the increase in vacancies is of course the COVID-19 pandemic. Certain industries, such as hospitality and entertainment, were forced to shut down during this tumultuous period. As lockdown restrictions are now being eased, these industries are now back in business and there is a shortage of workers to fill the growing demand.

On an annual basis, the United Kingdom identifies the occupations in which there are a shortage of workers and that are therefore, in high demand – this is known as the shortage occupations list . There are 30 occupations set out in the latest list, from a vast array of career fields. There is an additiona list specifically for education and healthcare workers.

If your occupation is on these lists, your work is in high demand in the United Kingdom. This means that you can obtain a Skilled Worker Visa to enter and work in the United Kingdom. To do this, you will need an offer of employment from an employer in the United Kingdom who will sponsor you and your visa application. Your dependants (spouses, partners and children) can then also be granted visas to join you.

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