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UK Visa Fees to Rise from 4th October 2023

The Home Office has recently made an announcement that is poised to affect a wide range of individuals seeking entry or settlement in the United Kingdom. The news comes in the form of an increase in visa and nationality application fees, scheduled to take effect from 4th October 2023. This development encompasses several visa categories work visas, and indefinite leave to remain. This article will focus on work-related visas made from outside the UK including Skilled Worker Visa; Health & Care Work Visa; Ancestral Visa; and Youth Mobility Scheme Visas.

Today’s changes do not include the planned increase to the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) which are scheduled to be introduced later in the Autumn.


The good news is the fee increases are significantly less than originally announced.


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The primary purpose behind this fee hike, as highlighted by the Home Office, is to ensure the sustainability of the immigration and nationality system in the UK. Income generated from these fees plays a crucial role in funding the operations and services provided by the Home Office. By carefully revising these fees, the government aims to strike a balance between reducing the financial burden on British taxpayers while maintaining a service that remains attractive to individuals seeking opportunities in the UK, ultimately fostering broader prosperity for all.

Will the recent changes in visa fees influence your decision to relocate to the UK?"

  • Yes. The new fees are prohibitively expensive.

  • Maybe. The new fees make the UK less attractive.

  • No. I still plan to relocate to the UK.

The official statement from the Home Office underscores their commitment to managing the visa and nationality application process efficiently. This initiative, while a source of revenue, is also part of their ongoing efforts to streamline immigration and nationality services, making them more accessible and effective for applicants.

Here are some of the notable fee increases for popular application categories:

Work Visas: The fees for work-related visas are also slated for an increase. This includes Skilled Worker (Tier 2 General), Youth Mobility Scheme (Tier 5), and other employment-based visas. Employers and employees should be aware of these changes when planning for work-related immigration.

Visa Type

Old Fee

New Fee

Skilled worker with a certificate of sponsorship lasting three years or less



Skilled worker with a certificate of sponsorship lasting over three years



Skilled Worker Visa for job on the shortage list with certificate of sponsorship for 3 years or less



Skilled Worker Visa for job on the shortage list with certificate of sponsorship for more than 3 years



Health & Care Work Visa lasting 3 years or less



Health & Care Work Visa lasting over 3 years.



Youth Mobility Sceme Visas




At the time of posting the revised fees for the Immigration Health Surcharge are not available yet but will be posted as soon as they become available.

It's crucial for prospective applicants to stay informed about these changes and plan their visa or nationality applications accordingly. The full list of fee increases for various visa and nationality categories can be found on the official Home Office website. Detailed information on the revised fees, application procedures, and any additional requirements will be available on the website as well, ensuring that applicants have access to accurate and up-to-date information.

While these fee increases may pose financial challenges for some, the government's intention to sustain a robust immigration and nationality system is evident. By adjusting fees and improving services, the UK aims to remain an attractive destination for individuals seeking to live, work, or study in the country while ensuring that these services are financially sustainable.


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