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To learn more about joining the Physio First community, please see more details here: Physio First | Together we can shape the future of private physiotherapy

Physio First is an organisation of more than 2000 UK-wide physiotherapists in private practice – and we all work together for the good of self-employed private practitioners, those physiotherapists who
work for them, and our patients.

Physio First has grown and adapted to meet the needs of our members in today's fast-changing and often challenging healthcare marketplace.


All of our members, no matter the size of their practice, or their experience as physios, can benefit from professional management and support. We are proud to be an organisation run by and for our

They work with their members to enable them to demonstrate the quality of their patient outcomes, share skills and advice, benefit from trusted partners, and develop personally, professionally and commercially.

Members of Physio First gain access to a community that works with, and for all of our members.

Unlock exclusive savings with Physio First! Use referral code RAPJAV01 and enjoy a £20 discount on your subscription. Simply call 01604 684960 to claim your discounted membership fee.

The Elocution Coach has teamed up with Jobs & Visas to help support candidates with their communication skills development, no matter where you are in the world! As the UK's leading elocution company, they offer a number of online training options to choose from, including courses, classes and coaching amongst a variety of free resources. They are also offering Jobs & Visas candidates exclusive discounts off some of their most popular memberships. For more information on how you can start to Master the Art of Speaking™ today, click here. 


Immtell is a specialist UK immigration consultancy guided by Gavin Webster's two decades of experience, including significant roles with the Home Office and two of the ‘Big 4’ consulting firms.


At Immtell, the focus is on solving complex immigration challenges for businesses and individuals. Known for strategic immigration planning, Home Office sponsor licence management, handling compliance audits, and offering robust visa application support, Immtell combines legal acumen with a practical, problem-solving approach.


Regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), they provide clear, actionable guidance and personalised solutions, ensuring clients navigate immigration processes with ease and expertise. Discover more about how Immtell can help you utilise the UK immigration system.

Unlock Partnership Opportunities with Jobs and Visas!

We're constantly seeking dynamic partners who can complement and enhance the range of services we offer at Jobs and Visas. If you share our commitment to helping individuals achieve their global career aspirations, we'd love to hear from you. Whether you specialise in CV writing, language training,  affiliate marketing, or any other relevant field, partnering with us can be a mutually beneficial journey. Get in touch with us today to explore the exciting possibilities of collaboration.

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