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Expect UK Visa processing delays in Q1 2024

The processing times for UK visas have markedly increased following comprehensive changes to UK immigration policies announced in late 2023. We anticipate these delays to persist throughout the first quarter of 2024, and our rationale is outlined in this article.

Expect delays in UK visa processing for Q1 2024

We believe the following are major contributing factor:

  1. Intensified Scrutiny of Visa Applications: The UK's proactive measures to regulate immigration have led to heightened scrutiny of both visa and visa sponsor applications.

  2. Surge in UK Visa Applications: The influx of UK visa applications can be attributed to several factors: a. Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) Deadline: A notable increase is observed as applicants rush to submit their visa applications before the impending hike in the Immigration Health Surcharge. b. Rise in Job Opportunities Offering Visa Sponsorship: Employers to beat the deadline for the minimum salary increase which is set to rise to £38,700. c. Dependent Visa Applications Increase: The surge extends to dependent visa applications, particularly in anticipation of the minimum income required to support dependents rising in tandem with the figures mentioned above.

It's noteworthy that the official processing times remain unchanged, as indicated on the UK government's website. However, the site does acknowledge the possibility of extended processing times during periods of heightened visa demand by UKVI.

We have specifically observed delays in the processing times for Skilled Worker and Health and Care Worker Visas, both during the employer's application for the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) and in the subsequent processing of Skilled Worker Visa applications.

These extended processing times are likely to impact all visa applications, including those not directly affected by recent changes in immigration policies. As such, individuals should prepare for potential delays and plan their visa applications accordingly. Stay informed by regularly checking official updates and announcements regarding UK visa processing.

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Apr 04

I'm still waiting for my visa from January 2024


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