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Revised HCPC Standards of Proficiency

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has announced a comprehensive revision to its Standards of Proficiency, marking a significant shift to better align with the dynamic healthcare landscape and the evolving needs of the public. The updated standards took effect on September 1, 2023

We have had reports of some HCPC applications being denied since the changes took effect.

HCPC changes to the Standards of Proficiency
HCPC changes to the Standards of Proficiency

More details for each of the Allied Health Professions and a comparison of the old and new standards are available on the HCPC website.

The Standards of Proficiency serve as a benchmark for healthcare professionals, outlining the knowledge, understanding, and skills required to be registered with the HCPC. They play a crucial role in establishing expectations for professionals and ensuring the highest standards of care for the public.

The recent updates are tailored to reflect the realities of modern healthcare, shaped in part by the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the key changes across all 15 regulated professions are:

  1. Enhanced Emphasis on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: The revised standards expand the role of equality, diversity, and inclusion, reflecting a commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable healthcare environment.

  2. Inclusion of Public Health Promotion and Illness Prevention: A new standard has been introduced, emphasizing the importance of healthcare professionals in promoting public health and preventing illness, aligning with a proactive approach to healthcare.

  3. Shift Towards Active Implementation: Wording changes in the standards aim to move registrants away from a passive understanding to an active implementation of the guidelines, promoting a more hands-on and engaged approach to professional practice.

  4. Patient-Centered Focus: The updates underscore a greater focus on foregrounding patients and service users, encouraging active involvement in their care. This shift is aimed at enhancing patient satisfaction and overall healthcare outcomes.

  5. Elevated Emphasis on Mental Health: Recognizing the significance of mental health, the revisions elevate the importance of registrants' mental well-being, fostering a healthcare environment that prioritizes the mental health of both professionals and patients.

In addition to the common standards, changes to profession-specific standards have also been implemented, tailoring the guidelines to the unique requirements of each regulated profession.

The HCPC believes that these updates will contribute to a more adaptable and responsive healthcare system, ensuring that registered professionals are well-equipped to meet the challenges of contemporary healthcare practice. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, the revised Standards of Proficiency demonstrate the HCPC's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care and professionalism in the interest of public health and safety.


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