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Strategic Partnership with Physio First for a Thriving Future in Physiotherapy Recruitment

In a move poised to help Physiotherapy Clinics with challenges of recruiting locally, Jobs and Visas Ltd proudly announces a strategic partnership with Physio First, a dynamic alliance set to address the critical shortage of physiotherapists in the UK.

Jobs and Visas Partnership with Physio First
Jobs and Visas Partnership with Physio First

Jobs and Visas Ltd, a prominent international recruitment agency, has forged a strategic alliance with Physio First, a distinguished organisation representing over 2000 physiotherapists practicing across the UK. United by a common vision, this partnership

signifies a substantial stride in closing the disparity between the escalating demand for proficient physiotherapists and the shortages in the existing talent pool. In collaboration, our goal is to provide cost-effective international recruitment via exclusive Physio First

member discounts.

Global Talent Access: Jobs and Visas Ltd, known for simplifying the process of becoming a UK visa sponsor, will open up an extensive network of international physiotherapy talent to Physio First. This strategic move aims to infuse diverse perspectives and expertise into the UK's healthcare sector.

Streamlined Recruitment: The collaboration promises to streamline the recruitment process, making it more straightforward and cost-effective for physiotherapy clinics associated with Physio First. By leveraging Jobs and Visas Ltd's expertise, Physio First anticipates a more efficient and seamless hiring experience.

Quality Assurance: Jobs and Visas Ltd's rigorous screening process ensures that only the most qualified and dedicated candidates. The partnership prioritises delivering high-quality

professionals who align with the values and standards of Physio First.

Addressing Industry Challenges: With the shortage of physiotherapists in the UK acknowledged at a governmental level, this partnership aims to contribute significantly to alleviating this critical issue. By combining forces, Jobs and Visas Ltd and Physio

First are committed to playing a pivotal role in addressing the shortages of physiotherapy talent in the UK.

We are thrilled to announce this strategic partnership with Physio First. Our commitment to overcoming the challenges in physiotherapy recruitment aligns perfectly with our mission of connecting Physio First members with top-tier international talent. We look forward to offering cost effective international recruitment and help alleviate the shortage of physiotherapists in the UK for all Physio First members.

Gerald Heath of Jobs and Visas Ltd

Stay tuned for updates as this dynamic collaboration unfolds, paving the way for a brighter and healthier future in physiotherapy.


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